All public compaines who have not been reporting to the SEC in XBRL
were required to do so from mid-2010. Since the SEC has phased in this program by
market cap (largest first), and since the majority of reporting companies are
small/micro-cap, this means the majority of companies will soon convert to XBRL
all at once.Thus far, most of the XBRL conversion work has been given to the
financial printers, who in turn, have outsourced in to India. Since India is performing
the XBRL conversion for much of the world, many of whose nations converted to this
computer reporting language before the US did, we have both the necessary accounting
and the programming expertises. In addition, India has a number of PCAOB-registerd firms with
accountants well-versed in US GAAP. It makes sense to go directly to India for a less expensive
solution and more efficient turnaround.


In the early days of the internet financial documents were only available in print. At Quality Data Mill Pvt Ltd, we were converting offer documents and annual reports into MS Word and HTML versions for ease of use by investment bankers. Subsequently as a kind of precursor
to current days' XBRL, we satarted to provide styles in MS word and tags in HTML
-- so users could extract homogeneous content from hundreds of documents at one go. 

Now that XBRL is in use, we are converting the documents to XBRL using relevant taxonamy. We would be happy to do a demo conversion for you, along with the necessary
SEC submission in XBRL as a no-cost add-on.